Welcome to BBL 7083

In this course, you will gain hands-on experience in designing and executing qualitative research design studies. We will discuss a variety of topics and methods such as including identifying a community, integration, participant-observation, ethnography, sampling, interview skills, attitudes and ideologies, interpreting cultural artifacts, ethics, and the “observer’s paradox.” Most importantly, we will explore the effective use of technology to facilitate data collection, organization, and analysis. In this class, we will place emphasis on application of theoretically-based methodologies for handling and analyzing qualitative data through the use of qualitative research software. You will also have hands-on experience with hardware and software relevant to the collection, organization and analysis of qualitative data, such as digital audio and video recording equipment and transcribing software and bibliographic software.

This class will be of interest to any graduate student who has completed a qualitative methodology course and who has already begun the collection of qualitative research data, and who wants a structured environment in which to practice technological skills for qualitative research. All students will design and implement several small-scale projects over the course of the class, so be ready to get your hands dirty!